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For over 40 years we have distributed cleaning and hygiene products by the best brands all over the world, understanding what people really need to clean their homes. Our lab has spent years studying and developing two types of multi-purpose cleaning products with ultra-effective formulas:

Sgreasy Original

Perfect on stubborn grease and the toughest dirt. Effectively removes grease, oil and burn marks. Ideal on: blinds, radiators, garden furniture, worktops, oven hoods, grills, ovens, pots and pans, stove and fireplace glass, car engines and wheel rims etc.

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Sgreasy Sensitive

With a specific formula for the most delicate washable surfaces. It sanitises and removes grease and stains from aluminium, marble, wood, leather, ceramic, glass-ceramic hobs, okite and induction hobs without damaging them. Its non-abrasive formula captures dirt in a single wipe, effectively descaling without leaving behind any scratches. Your surfaces are shiny once more. Also ideal for pre-treating fabric stains.

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Acts on tough grease and burn marks in just a few seconds. Sgreasy will make your life easier, removing all traces of grease. In just a single wipe everything will be gleaming again.

Removes stains

Pre-treat your clothes leaving the product to work for a few minutes before putting it in the washing machine. Removes stains from whites and colours, respecting fabrics and shades. No stain will be safe from Sgreasy’s ultra-effective cleaning action. Shirts, bibs, curtains, rugs, tablecloths and shoes have never been so pristine.


For the daily hygiene of your home’s surfaces. To remove germs and bacteria from highchairs, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, changing tables, fridges and fabrics. Protection begins with hygiene: trust Sgreasy and sleep peacefully at night.

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