Sgreasy - The unbeatabledegreaser

What is it?

Sgreasy Original is a multi-purpose cleaner with an innovative formula. Perfect on stubborn grease and the toughest dirt. Its formula is based on a blend of surfactants that is particularly effective on the most difficult-to-remove dirt. Effectively eliminates grease, oil and burn marks.

How do you use it?

Hold the spray vertically or at a slight angle of about 20° and spray directly onto the surface requiring cleaning, wait for a few moments and rinse with a damp cloth or sponge. For stubborn dirt wait a little longer.
  • Fragrance:
    Marseille soap and Lemon
  • Format
    1000 ml - 33,8 oz.

Where to use it

Sgreasy - The unbeatabledegreaser

At home

Kitchen surfaces and cabinets, ovens, hobs, induction hobs, oven hoods and filters, fryers, freezers and fridges, blinds, stains on washable walls, indoor and outdoor floors, carpets, protective glass of stoves and fireplaces, window ledges and balcony railings, door and window frames.

Sgreasy - The unbeatabledegreaser


Barbecues, grills, plastic garden furniture, swimming pool edges, garden equipment, lawnmowers, power saw chains, pressure washers, dog kennels, cat trays, animal cages, rubbish bins.

Sgreasy - The unbeatabledegreaser

Professional Use

Mechanical parts and engines of cars/motorbikes/lorries/tractors, motorbike/bicycle/power saw chains, car wheel rims, car interiors, lorry curtains, lathes, milling machines, drills, mechanical tools, industrial filters, various types of equipment, reception desks, shelves, meat slicers, counters, desks, roller shutters.