Sgreasy - The unbeatabledegreaser

What is it?

Sgreasy Sensitive's formula is specifically designed for the most delicate washable surfaces. It sanitises and removes grease and stains from aluminium, marble, wood, leather, ceramic, glass-ceramic hobs, okite and induction hobs without damaging them. Its non-abrasive formula captures dirt in a single wipe, effectively descaling without leaving behind any scratches. Your surfaces are shiny once more. Also ideal for pre-treating fabric stains.

How do you use it?

Hold the spray vertically or at a slight angle of about 20° and spray directly onto the surface requiring cleaning, wait for a few moments and rinse with a damp cloth or sponge. For stubborn dirt wait a little longer. Pre-treatment of stains on fabrics, collars, cuffs and the underarm zone. In the event of grease stains, spray directly on the stain, leave for a few seconds, rub and then wash as usual. Removes stains from whites and colours without damaging fabrics and shades.
  • Fragrance
    Marseille soap
  • Format
    1000 ml - 33,8 oz.

Where to use it

Sgreasy - The unbeatabledegreaser

At home

Kitchen and bathroom surfaces and cabinets, ovens, hobs, induction hobs, oven hoods and filters, fryers, freezers and fridges, blinds and shutters, mosquito nets, indoor and outdoor floors, carpets, rugs, fabric and leather sofas, stone window ledges, coffee machines.

Sgreasy - The unbeatabledegreaser


Shirt collars and cuffs, pre-treatment of overalls, leather car seats, leather shoes. Removes wine, coffee, butter, oil, chocolate, mayonnaise, sauce, ink and lipstick stains.

Sgreasy - The unbeatabledegreaser

Hobbies, Sport and Holidays

Beach umbrellas, deckchairs, camping equipment, interiors and exteriors of campers and caravans, children’s toys, fishing equipment, aquariums, surfboards, trainers, weapons, boats, bicycles paintbrushes, rucksacks, motors, models, animal toys.